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2023 Sucess Chronicles

This is great information. Working with Jen has definitely been life changing.

Love how thorough Jen is and that she was able to coach me financially and help me see things I wasn’t able to see before.

Jen takes the time to research and find resources. We were approved for the copay assistance program! Thank you for helping us find this!

If anyone out there is struggling with money... seriously, call this girl. She knows how to budget like I've never seen before... when you think you can't afford to pay your bills, she'll find a way for you to pay your bills, and save money on top of it! I've seen it firsthand... times are tough right now, if you need help, here's where to get it!

If you are needing any sort of financial guidance (& even if you don't need the help) reach out to Jen! Her knowledge and tips and resources about becoming financially independent and secure are beyond helpful! I did only 3 sessions with her and she set me on my path to becoming financially successful and debt free. With her tips and guidance I was able to pay off my car loan 3 YEARS EARLY.

Jen went into detail and listened to my needs. ~ 12/27/23

Jen was very friendly and helpful. She’s great. ~ 12/22/23

Jen is empathic, knowledgeable and non-judgmental. She presented options without pressure to make decisions on the spot. ~ 12/23/23

You’re so normal. I really appreciate the no judgment because I judge myself enough. ~ 12/22/23

Great customer service. ~ 12/19/23

Personalized, expert advice! ~ 12/14/23

OMGosh. This workbook is amazing! I read the whole thing, and plan to fill out the worksheets at the end. I could relate to SO MUCH of the content. You did a great job! ~ 12/6/23

Cynthia was right, you are an amazing coach! ~ 11/27/23

Jen was extremely pleasant, helpful and non-judgmental. She proposed ideas and guided me through some initial steps. ~ 11/16/23

Jen is very knowledgeable and very helpful. ~ 11/13/23

Jen is pleasant and easy to talk to. ~ 11/8/23

Jen was a good listener and took my concerns into account and didn't seem to have an agenda other than just to help. She seemed knowledgeable and is currently seeking more info to help out. ~ 11/6/23

Jen is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. ~ 11/1/23

Jen is fantastic!!! She breaks down how to tackle your debt and financial goals while warning you of common mistakes. Highly recommend! ~ 9/3/23

I’ve not only paid off thousands of dollars in debt over the last year but started saving as well, even with some unexpected expenses!!! Under Jen’s coaching, I couldn’t be more excited for the next year!!! Plus, she has SO much overlap in her coaching, as in health coaching. Thanks, Jen, for all you do and the services you provide. ~ 8/25/23

I am so grateful I was able to be connected to Jen. She helped me work through my money story. Thank you, Jen. ~ 8/8/23

Jen is friendly and very knowledgeable. ~ 8/8/23

You helped us a lot last year. Now we are going through a situation and we know your advice will help us. ~ 8/7/23

Thanks to you being so amazing, I have paid off several THOUSAND (like near 7k) of debt in the last year and my credit score is over 720 now. You’re awesome, Jen. Thanks! ~ 8/7/23

I was impressed with Jen. She was knowledgeable and super helpful. I wasn't expecting this to be the great resource that it sounds like it is going to be. I was just expecting just basic knowledge but instead this sounds like something that my wife and I can really benefit from. ~ 8/7/23

I've enjoyed working with Jen immensely. Jen has helped me feel in control of my options and given me the feeling of having a teammate in tackling financial questions and goals--which includes spending money on important things once in awhile. ~ 8/1/23

Jen was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. ~ 7/25/23

You have been so helpful and I’m so grateful for you. I truly learned a lot. ~ 6/30/23

Jen is so helpful, organized and encouraging! I truly would not be where I am financially today without her support. I went from having 7k in debt this time last year to being debt free. I am still debt free today. For so long, I tried to resolve my debt situation by myself because I was too scared to ask for help. I just couldn’t figure it out alone. I remember the first call we talked about the emotional and behavioral aspects of finances before anything else and that acknowledgement was life changing for me. I feel that there is a HUGE overlap between my financial literacy and my continued sobriety. Thank you so much for what you do. ~ 6/6/23

I can’t tell you how helpful you have been. I feel so grateful for you. You have such a fantastically clear way of explaining all of this. ~ 6/6/23

This girl, right here, is the real one! She can help you in ways you could never imagine. I’ve seen it first hand. I’ve never met anyone who can budget the way she does. If you need any kind of help, she’s your girl! ~ 6/5/23

I genuinely would not be here without the program and your support so thank you so much! ~ 6/5/23

Thanks so much Jen! I really appreciate your advice & guidance. ~ 5/30/23

Jen is very knowledgeable and has a warm and welcome demeanor. ~ 5/24/23

Thanks a ton for the help with getting me on the right financial path. This is super helpful information. I am forever grateful! ~ 5/23/23

Thank you so much! You are a financial ANGEL! ~ 4/21/23

Jen is very friendly and efficient. ~ 4/19/23

Great information and suggestions. Helpful information. ~ 3/29/23

Jen was extremely informative and so friendly! ~ 3/23/23

So reassuring to feel I have a knowledgeable helping hand. ~ 3/20/23

Jen was flexible as to what was priority for discussion and truly listened to my concerns. ~ 3/15/23

Indeed a fantastic coach! Definitely helped me see where I was throwing away money and transition that to paying off some debt faster! ~ 3/13/23

I just made my second to last payment on my credit card, and my final payment is scheduled for March 15th! My debt free date is less than a week away. I cannot believe I am here, at long last! There is no way I would be celebrating this achievement without your support. Thank you so very much! ~ 3/10/23

Thanks a ton. I never realized I could get rid of that much debt this quickly. ~ 2/18/23

Thanks Jen! I just paid off the credit card and it feels good. I am trying not to think of the money I wasted the last few months not paying it off and losing track of when they would charge APR. I appreciate you so much! ~ 2/17/23

I have listened to quite a few of her sessions, she knows her stuff, this is worth attending. ~ 2/13/23

Jen is incredible! She answered questions I did not even know that I had in the face of layoffs. ~ 2/9/23

Thank you! I’m really committing to getting our budget up and working and you are making it much easier for me to do that. ~ 1/30/23

Jen is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. ~ 1/23/23

I am so grateful for your time and expertise. This program has absolutely changed my approach to finances in a lasting way! Can't wait to celebrate being debt free here so soon! ~ 1/19/23

Jen Nash Professional & Personal Financial Coach

Jen Nash is a cutting-edge leader in the financial wellness industry.

She brings a wealth of experience and a heart-centered approach to helping individuals achieve financial stability and growth. With a robust background in finance and social work, Jen has dedicated her career to empowering people to take control of their financial futures.

With extensive experience in financial coaching, Jen has guided numerous clients towards financial independence. Her practical strategies and empathetic approach have transformed the financial lives of many, leading to substantial debt reduction, increased savings and significantly reduced financial stress.

Jen holds a psychology degree and is an Accredited Financial Counselor®, upholding the highest standards of ethics and professionalism in the financial industry. Her credentials are complemented by continuous professional development, ensuring that she stays current with the latest financial trends and strategies.

Over the years, Jen has helped hundreds of clients transform their financial situations. One client shared, "Working with Jen has been life-changing. I’ve paid off my debt and started saving for future expenses. I know exactly what to do next."

Jen has published several books and articles on financial wellness, including the highly practical "50+ Ways to Make Extra Money or Keep More of the Money You Have" and the behavior-focused “Financial CODES: Unlock Your Power.”

Jen regularly presents at financial wellness conferences and workshops, sharing practical strategies and insights on achieving financial independence.

Jen spent over 15 years as a state social worker. She deeply understands the challenges of financial uncertainty, which fuels their passion for empowering others with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. Her empathetic and practical approach ensures that clients not only achieve their financial goals but also gain the confidence to maintain their financial health long-term.

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