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About Me

I'm Jen, Professional & Personal Financial Coach


I am the founder of Priceless Financial Coaching, which is a heart-centered financial wellness practice that helps people make financial decisions easier. I've spent my entire education and career in social work and psychology, so I understand hard-wired human behavior and how to use it to create real and lasting change in your money and decision-making habits.

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Are you at a crossroads where you know where you want to be with your finances, but you don't know how to get there?

How I Can Help

I Have Been There, I Understand The Dynamics And I Can Help You

I believe that success comes in many shapes and sizes. As an accredited financial counselor, I can help you build financial plans that are hyper-personalized to you and your unique goals so that you can then move forward confidently and quickly.


Don’t let your debt dictate your future!

Are You Ready To Get Out Of Debt & Create Financial Freedom?

I teach effective tools to overcome debt, learn to budget (& make it fun!), and advance professional achievements. My vision and clarity, honest and encouraging communication, and gift of knowing the exact steps you need to take in order to succeed in life & finances!


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Rave Reviews

What My Clients Are Saying

"She has provided me with profound knowledge and understanding of financial literacy. I have witnessed her commitment to helping others gain financial stability and freedom. Jen is supportive in numerous community programs and events, volunteers her time, goes above and beyond, and is highly trustworthy. In interacting with her personally and watching her interact with others, I have seen and felt her great ability to make people feel welcomed and heard. If Jen doesn’t know the answer, she goes and finds one. She is goal oriented, persistent, and a good steward of financial resources. Jen is a valuable asset to this community and has the inner drive to leave a lasting impact on your life."

Brenna Oakleaf

"Jen is a very kind person, who genuinely cares about the work she does and the people she connects with. Priceless Financial Coaching has made it a priority to be generous and supportive of our nonprofit, despite the two organizations being founded around the same time. Jen Nash and Priceless Financial Coaching has already proven themselves to be socially responsible, equitable, and out to do the most good. In conclusion, I would highly recommend Jen Nash and Priceless Financial Coaching"

Karrissa A. Jyles

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