3 Steps to Forming Better

Financial Habits

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Creating smaller actions that come together over time will help to create a lasting change in your life. Learn to set sustainable financial goals that will set you up with more money and more options in the future by building better habits.

Willpower vs. Habits

Setting goals requires both. For short-term goals, willpower will help you to make better decisions and move forward toward accomplishing your goal. However, using willpower isn’t sustainable over a longer period of time. Instead, you need to build better habits, and find a way to automate your life in order to see a lasting change.

Join me for this free training video on my 3 steps to building habits, and how this can change your financial goals. 



Using tools to help organize overwhelming information so you can clearly see your next step. These tools will help to offload information from your brain, and having this type of system will take up a lot less of your mental bandwidth.


Fast and Frequent Feedback Loops

Frequent feedback is essential in creating better habits so you know when you need to course correct. These loops provide immediate information, whether it’s right or not. Long-term goals have too much time between start and finish to utilize the final outcome as feedback, so you need to establish feedback loops within your goal to see if you are moving in the right direction.



While it may seem as if this goes without saying, sometimes the simplest of theories is common sense, but not common practice. Repetition starts with you - so put things on the calendar, track habits, follow a coaching community, etc!

Your brain is set to run toward the path of least resistance - establishing habits will help you to move in that direction and automate your life so that your brain moves you down the path you desire. 


Get better clarity in what makes you happy. 

Access this free training video today, and get started on building intentional habits.


Join me for this free training video on my 3 steps to building habits, and how this can change the way you reach your financial goals.

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