Meet Jen

Jen Nash, AFC® is a heart-centered financial professional and wellness advocate who promotes and creates financial capability resources that anyone can use to make financial decisions easier. Jen is an expert in core human behavior so her realistic & simplified approach to finances shows people how to drop information from their heads into their hearts to create real and lasting change in their lives.

Coffee in hand and loved ones nearby, Jen radiates calm, happiness and gratitude. She is the heart of a loving family with 3 beautiful children and 2 very large dogs. It’s loud, it’s busy, but life has no refunds and every moment of time traded has to matter. She uses and nurtures her own serenity of mind to inspire others to do the same.

Jen is driven by continuous self-improvement and ever higher successes and achievement. She became a coach/mentor because she wants everybody to have the resources needed to pursue whatever freedom means to them.

Passion? ✓ Commitment and confidence? ✓

Better begins here!

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