Personalized Money Plan For Couples

With Financial Coach, Jen Nash

Create money systems with rules and defined goals.

Join Jen Nash on a 3-Session Coaching Package that includes one call with each partner and one call all together. Jen will build you a personalized report that combines your collective goals, individual freedoms, shared controls, money date conversations and coach suggestions!


Congratulations on the exciting decision to come together as a couple! You are embarking on a journey of love and I am so excited for you! As a financial coach, I want to help you make this adventure as seamless as possible, and help to avoid the frustration that is sometimes paired with combining financials.

Join me in this 3-session package as we review your current financial situation and your goals as a couple. Together we will work to create a plan that will set you up to achieve those goals and plan for a secure future as a couple.

Personalized Money Plan For Couples

What’s Included

3-Session, 1:1 Coaching with Jen Nash


Session 1:

First Call With Partner One


Session 2:

Second Call With Partner Two


Session 3:

Third Call - Joint Call

The individual calls will unveil each partner's money priorities and emotional money values. The third call will bring the couple together to discuss collective goals and a proposed plan of action. During this call, Jen will deliver your Personalized Couples Money Plan, detailing collective goals, individual freedoms, shared controls, money date conversations and coach suggestions!!

Recognize that when you're talking about finances, you're dealing with a lot more than money. Understand that finances may not carry the same emotional burden for your partner as they do for you (or vice versa). Know THAT'S OKAY! It can still work with the right support.


You will have lifetime access to your Personalized Couples Money Plan so you can always refer back to it during your money date conversations!

Who is Jen Nash?

The founder of Priceless Financial Coaching, a heart-centered financial wellness practice dedicated to helping people make financial decisions easier.

Jen is an expert in core human behavior and her realistic & simplified approach to finances shows people how to drop information from their heads into their hearts to create real and lasting financial changes in their lives.


“Jen has been bar none, the best coach I have had. She has a no-nonsense approach to her advice which I greatly appreciated. Additionally, she did an excellent job of breaking things down to simple terms and gave us several great resources to enhance our knowledge in a bite-sized, approachable manner. I cannot say enough positive things about her customer service and general advice she provided us--we are very grateful to have Jen!”

- Happy Couple



"Great information and suggestions. Very helpful information."

- Happy Couple



"Thank you so much! You are a financial ANGEL!

- Happy Couple


Meeting current needs and planning for the future don’t have to be scary topics of discussion for couples!

It can be exciting if you work together to lay out your plans to achieve your dream financial goals.

I am here to help you start the conversation and move forward in life together with your dependable, well grounded Personalized Money Plan for Couples.

Personalized Money Planning for Couples With Jen Nash

3-Session Program to Help Couples Come Together $597

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