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1:1 Financial Coaching For Couples

With Financial Coach, Jen Nash

Increase Your Household Wealth Together.

Join Jen Nash on a 3-Session Coaching Package focusing on budgeting, investing, and creating more wealth as a couple.


Congratulations on the exciting decision to come together as a couple! You are embarking on a journey of love and I am so excited for you! As a financial coach, I want to help you make this adventure as seamless as possible, and help to avoid the frustration that is sometimes paired with combining financials.

Join me in this 3-session package as we review your current financial situation and your goals as a couple. Together we will work to create a plan and budget that will set you up to achieve those goals and plan for a secure future as a couple.

1:1 Financial Coaching For Couples

What’s Included

3-Session, 1:1 Coaching with Jen Nash


Session 1:

First Call With Partner One


Session 2:

Second Call With Partner Two


Session 3:

Third Call - Joint Call

Each 1:1 call will review budgeting and financing with each individual to review their needs and how to better their own financials. The third call will bring the couple together to discuss Jen’s findings and a proposed plan of action. During this call, Jen will deliver her Personalized Financial Guide, detailing each partners' goals and the household goals, plus suggestions from the coach!

The end result of this package will be a focus on how to budget, invest, and build wealth together. As a couple, you will begin to build a strong foundation for your ‘financial house', and have a plan on moving forward & building up.

You will have lifetime access to your Personalized Financial Guide so you can always refer back to it during your money date conversations 😉

Who is Jen Nash?

I am the founder of Priceless Financial Coaching, a heart-centered financial wellness practice that helps people make financial decisions easier.

Success comes in many shapes and sizes, and coming together as a couple can be intimidating when it comes to discussing financials and budgeting. I am here to help couples focus on what success means together so that they have a plan to move forward in life with confidence and financial security.

As a financial coach, I teach effective tools to overcome debt, learn to budget (and make it fun!), advance professional achievements, and help families plan for the future. Join me as we walk through the exact steps you need to take in order to succeed as a couple in finances, and achieve your financial goals for the future.


“Jen has provided me with profound knowledge and understanding of financial literacy. I have witnessed her commitment to helping others gain financial stability and freedom. She is goal-oriented, persistent, and a good steward of financial resources. Jen is a valuable asset to this community and has the inner drive to leave a lasting impact on your life.”

- Brenna Oakleaf

Budgeting and planning for the future don’t have to be scary topics of discussion for couples!

It can be exciting if you work together to lay out your plans to achieve your dream financial goals.

I am here to help start the conversation and move forward in life together with a plan of action.

1:1 Financial Coaching for Couples With Jen Nash

3-Session Program to Help Couples Plan for the Future

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