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Financial Capability for Persons with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

Financial Wellness for ID/DD brains, caregiver hearts and provider funding budgets.

A multi-benefit program created by Jen Nash of Priceless Financial Coaching empowering financial capability skills in both individuals with intellectual & developmental disabilities AND their caregivers.

Persons Served

Demonstrate insights and decision-making abilities you didn’t have before completing the course.


Build confidence and gain stability in your own personal finances. Thriving people make better caregivers.


Attract & retain the best caregivers. Meet HCBS Residential Settings Requirements for April 2023!

Why this program?

This is the only financial wellness program with wraparound support that includes financial capability for ID/DD brains 🧠, financial capability for caregiver hearts 💜, and a robust direct caregiver workforce for provider funding budgets 💵.

  • Persons Served

    • Access preferences.
    • Make informed choices.
    • Budget earned and/or unearned income.
    • Control financial resources.
    • Learn balancing needs & wants, saving, protection and advocacy.


  • Caregivers

    • Gain access to simple tools that will ease personal financial struggles and strengthen financial viability. 
      • Breaking the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.
      • Budgeting.
      • Debt reduction strategies.
      • Saving.
      • Planning for irregular expenses. 


  • Providers

    • Offer financial wellness as an employee benefit to increase physical/mental health, productivity, and engagement.
    • Decrease accidents, sick days, and employee turnover.
    • Achieve preferred outcomes by offering real-life, usable financial capability programming to ID/DD members.
    • Ensure choice and community inclusion. 
    • Integrate financial capability strategies into HCBS services.
    • Addresses HCBS Residential Settings requirements. *These take effect in April 2023!

Individuals with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities and their Caregivers

One Option: The Individual Financial Capability Course for Persons with ID/DD - $249

The Individual Financial Capability Course is a self-paced digital course designed with the ID/DD brain in mind. It is action-based, low-tech, tangible material that provides language, tools and meaningful, functional financial capabilities to persons with mild intellectual & developmental disabilities.


  • Financial Capability Course

  • Total

    USD $249.00


A Better Option: The Financial Capability Wraparound System for Persons with ID/DD and their Caregivers

The Financial Capability Wraparound System is a multi-benefit approach where everyone achieves financial wellness together. Providers who purchase at least 25 individual courses will have access to the Wraparound System which includes a 50% discount PLUS all of the FREE bonuses listed below!

Full, lifetime access to the ID/DD program that includes 7 Modules plus course materials to print! Modules include:

  1. Intro to Capability
  2. Making Informed Financial Choices
  3. Needs vs. Wants
  4. Saving for Wants
  5. Earned Income
  6. Protection & Advocacy
  7. Wrap Up to Course

One hour financial training designed specifically for caregivers of persons with ID/DD. The first part of this video provides a quick boost to caregivers' personal finances. The second part dives into heart of a teacher/lens of the learner dynamics that help caregivers extend that wellness into their persons served. Caregivers are like part of the family and their skills enhance peoples lives. No dollar amount can reflect just how valuable they are! ♡

For caregivers, volunteers & employees we are giving access to our Becoming Your Best Financial Self Course so they can fully understand how to eliminate debt, understand budgeting, and thrive financially in 30 days. This is a self-paced course with individual log-ins so each caregiver can improve their personal finances confidently and privately. Thriving people make better caregivers! ♡

As an added bonus, we are also giving out our 50+ Ways To Make More Money ebook!

Who is Jen Nash?


Jen Nash, AFC ® is a heart-centered financial wellness advocate who promotes and creates financial capability programming for individuals with intellectual & developmental disabilities and their caregivers. Jen has worked with the HCBS population & caregivers her entire life and career, starting as a direct care worker when she was in high school and college. She knows the unique brains of persons with ID/DD. She knows that thriving people make better caregivers. And she’s on a mission to help HCBS providers meet legislative mandates, initiatives and best practices for demonstrating autonomy in controlling personal resources; promote independence in making life choices; support & implement true community integration.


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