The Financial Capability Wraparound System for Persons with ID/DD and their Caregivers

A multi-benefit program created by Jen Nash of Priceless Financial Coaching supporting financial capability and wellness in both individuals with intellectual & developmental disabilities AND their caregivers.

Why this program?

This is the ONLY financial wellness program with comprehensive wraparound support that delivers benefits at every level ~ financial capability for ID/DD brains 🧠, personal finance tools & strategy for caregiver hearts 💜, long term workforce and residential settings solutions for provider funding budgets 📉, stronger local community economies 🤲, and preferred outcomes for state improvement mandates 👨🏽‍💻.

〉Access preferences and have more money for community involvement.

〉Make informed choices.

〉Budget earned and/or unearned income.

〉Control financial resources.

〉Learn balancing needs & wants, saving, protection and advocacy.

Access simple financial tools & mindset.

Break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

Budget with confidence and grow savings.

Build debt reduction plans.

Become thriving people.

Attract and retain a robust caregiver workforce.

Integrate financial capability strategies into HCBS services.

Ensure choice and community inclusion.

Achieve preferred outcomes for equity & autonomy.

Address Residential Settings Requirements.

Provide Competitive Integrated Employment opportunities.

Increase active and contributing members for a stronger local economy.

Support access and continuation of vital HCBS services.

Strengthen social equity.

Reduce competition for resources


Deliver preferred outcomes.

〉Reduce reliance on public support programs, advance systems and optimize resources.

Provide a more permanent solution to stabilize & support the HCBS workforce.

Eliminate sub-minimum wages without unintended benefit gaps.

Improve employment outcomes of people with disabilities.

ADVANTAGES AT EVERY LEVEL ~ The Financial Capability Wraparound System is a multi-benefit approach where everyone achieves financial wellness together.

Who is Jen Nash?

Jen Nash, AFC ® is a heart-centered financial wellness advocate who promotes and creates financial capability solutions for individuals with intellectual & developmental disabilities and their caregivers. Jen's roots in the HCBS world run deep, tracing back to her early days as a dedicated direct care worker throughout her high school and college years. She then took on a dynamic role as an HCBS case manager, and dedicated over 15 years of her career to this vital field. Her profound understanding of the cognitive landscapes of those with ID/DD has given her unique insight into their needs. She knows that thriving people make better caregivers and is resolutely dedicated to including them in her mission. She helps HCBS providers meet legislative mandates, initiatives and best practices for demonstrating autonomy in controlling personal resources; promoting independence in making life choices; supporting & implementing true community integration; and building & empowering their most powerful resource ~ their caregivers. 💜


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