Your Personalized Money System

Immediately start using your money for a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.

This Video Coaching Program takes you through a journey to identify your financial goals, both short-and-long-term and set up systematic habits that will help you achieve them.

Can you relate to any of these situations?

  • Your debt is growing, and you know you need to take control, but feel overwhelmed in figuring out budgets, and maintaining payments.

  • You need the motivation to start making better financial decisions, that will result in debt management, and achievable goal setting.

  • You have the savings to invest but aren’t sure where to start.

  • You often seek the quick satisfaction of unplanned spending and need coaching to set budgets, goals, and better long-term spending habits.

  • You want to set up your future and your family for security and reliability and are seeking an achievable plan to set in place to do so.


Break the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle, Eliminate Debt, Love Budgeting & Achieve Your Money Goals!

A Video Coaching Program Guaranteed To Help You Change Your Money Story. If you feel that you did not receive a return on your investment, debt elimination, or increased savings after implementing this program, we will REFUND you 100%!

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Security. Predictability. Reliability.

These financial goals are achievable! 

A financial coach helps you build healthy habits around money to improve financial health & wellbeing. You can build methods that are sustainable to you and your coach provides the support and knowledge so that you feel confident about your goals and decisions. 

~ Are you living paycheck to paycheck?

~ Do you have a debt solution? An emergency fund?

~ Are you balancing your future needs along with your current financial demands?

We discuss all these questions and much more in this 7-module, self-paced money coaching video program guaranteed to help you change your money story or get your money back!

Let us help you Change Your Money Story!

Our Guarantee To You

Your spending habits & methods are costing you too much money and not allowing you to move forward with your most important goals. Within hours of starting this program you will be on your way to paying off your debt and using your money for the things that matter most to you.

This program includes actionable steps that you can start right away. You can make new choices without any judging, blaming or shaming for wanting comforts in life. 

This course is NOT about sacrifice.

It’s about seeing your spending habits in a different way, establishing achievable short and long-term financial goals, and carrying out a plan to get you there.

Because of that, we have a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee! That means, after completing this course, if you are not satisfied or feel like the material was not helpful, we will refund your investment!

What’s inside “Your Personalized Money System” $197 - one-time payment

A Confident Money Plan Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

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7 Lessons, Downloads, & Guides That Include:

Start building the foundation of your financial house. When you build it right the first time, you don’t have to rebuild it again and again. Plus, a downloadable worksheet to help you organize and prioritize your money goals. 

Life happens to everyone. And it’s important to be able to plan for unforeseen circumstances. Plus, a weekly budget template and brainstorming worksheet!

The crux of being intentional with how your income is spent! Tools to guide you through where you are and where you are going. Plus, Budget Bingo and a Monthly Budget Tracker!

Learning the tools to keep track of your monthly surplus “buckets."

An important step to reach the top of our financial house. Debt elimination may seem impossible, but it’s more doable than you think.

The second portion of savings! Reasons why investing will help you align your goals.

Taking a look at your financial house and identify how to build your wealth and live the life you want to live. Where life starts to get fun! Plus, a goal builder & your certification!


What does financial wellness mean to you?

This program will help you to:

  • Establish and use a budget (I know it sounds boring, but I promise I make it fun & easy)!
  • Face that debt gremlin once and for all and get him out of your life (finally).
  • Now that you're debt-free, create savings & plan for your future.
  • Identify where investing fits into your financial goals #moremoneyinyourpocket
  • Never worry about finances & booking that next vacation ever again!

Enroll Today & Be 100% Satisfied, Or Your Money Back!


  • Cash Flow Planning Course

  • Total

    USD $197.00


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Dedicated, compassionate, genuine, and trustworthy.

With a relentless passion for making life easier and sharing knowledge with others. 

Jen Nash is the founder of Priceless Financial Coaching, LLC. She has been a social worker for more than 15 years and is most passionate about helping people and families use their money to make their lives better.


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