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Managing Money with ADHD

Two-thirds (65%) of those with ADHD say the condition makes managing

their finances more difficult. This method makes managing money with ADHD easier. ~ The Guardian

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A Structured Approach

1) Each participant identified 3-5 of their specific ADHD symptoms.

2) They listed out the undesired money choices that were triggered by these symptoms.

3) They came up with alternative ways to soothe their symptoms without resulting in an undesired financial consequence such as late fees, fights with their partner, overspending, or buyer's remorse.

It's not just you

Those with ADHD are twice as likely (76%) to suffer from anxiety linked to their finances compared with the general population (38%). ~ The Guardian

According to those with the condition, spending impulsively (58%), struggling to budget (51%) and struggling to save money (49%) are the biggest issues they face. ~ The Guardian

They are more than three times more likely to find it difficult to stick to a budget (50%) compared with the general population (15%). ~The Guardian


It really is hard

Those with ADHD are almost three times more likely to struggle with debt (31%) compared with the general population (11%). ~ The Guardian

They are almost three times more likely to miss bill payments occasionally or often (49%) than someone without the condition (18%). ~The Guardian

Those with ADHD are four times more likely to impulse-spend often (48%) than someone who doesn’t have it (12%). ~The Guardian

but it doesn't have to be as hard Don't Fight your ADHD, Use it to your advantage

You will walk away with a list of your ADHD symptoms and how these specific symptoms trigger your undesired money choices AND what you can do instead!

Private 1:1 Workshop for Managing Money with ADHD

Workshop plus 2 additional sessions to work on money topics of your choice

Helping You Write Your New Story

Jen Nash

Jen is a heart-centered financial professional and wellness advocate who promotes and creates financial capability resources that anyone can use to make financial decisions easier. Jen has worked with the HCBS population & caregivers her entire life and career, starting as a direct care worker herself when she was in high school and college. She knows the unique brains of persons with cognitive differences. She is an expert in core human behavior and her realistic & simplified approach to finances shows people how to work from their brains AND their hearts to create real and lasting change in their lives.

So don't wait!

For your private 1:1 workshop on how to Manage Money with ADHD, book a session with Jen!

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