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With Jen Nash of Priceless Financial Coaching

Struggling with money?

Jen Nash, AFC® has helped hundreds of individuals and families break through emotional money barriers, get out of debt, save money, take charge of their monthly cashflow and build dreams based on short, medium and long-term goals.

Packages are available starting at just $525!


What does financial freedom mean to you?

Whether it’s getting out of the paycheck-to-paycheck grind or working towards a substantial financial goal, financial freedom is different for everyone. Join me for my 1:1 personal coaching sessions so we can work together to identify your short-term and long-term goals and create a strategy to work towards success.

Is 1:1 Coaching for you?

These days, everyone is feeling the squeeze of the current economy, and some are feeling it more than others. But a financial crisis doesn’t have to be such a major setback when you focus on budgeting and goal planning. Turn the crisis into an inconvenience and learn how to continue to move forward and work towards the end goal of financial freedom. Can you relate to any of these situations?

  • Your debt is growing, and you know you need to take control, but feel overwhelmed in figuring out budgets, and maintaining monthly payments.
  • You want to work towards larger financial goals and need the motivation and insight on how to start.
  • You need coaching to help set budgets, goals, and better spending habits so you can avoid the unplanned spending you are accustomed to. 
  • You want to set up your future and your family for security and reliability and need help putting a plan in place.
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It’s All About You

With 1:1 Coaching, the focus is on you. My personal coaching sessions feature impactful strategies to create plans, develop budgets, and focus on financial planning and goal-setting so you can move forward without financial stress and look forward to financial freedom.

"Jen is tenacious and always achieves what she sets out to do."

"She is resourceful and is great at using resources efficiently to maximize their impact. Jen is a very accomplished businesswoman and mother, who manages finances in business and personal life with absolute proficiency."

-Karen Sue Ripley

"Jen is so friendly and down to earth."

"She was very helpful to me and was not pushing any product. She was simply helpful, friendly and gave me great ideas!"

-Happy Client

"Jen is very knowledgeable, friendly, professional and knows her stuff!"

"I felt very comfortable speaking with her!"

-Happy Client

"Jen was great at listening to what I needed."

"Her recommendations were excellent!"

-Happy Client

How It Works: 1:1 Personal Coaching with Jen Nash

Basic Package: $525

  • (3) Private Coaching Sessions
  • Financial Assessment
  • Net Worth Dashboard
  • Free Strategy Tools

Standard Package: $900

  • (6) Private Coaching Sessions
  • Financial Assessment
  • Net Worth Dashboard
  • Free Strategy Tools 
  • Goal Strategy & Tracking System

Premium Package: $1,530

  • (12) Private Coaching Sessions
  • Financial Assessment
  • Net Worth Dashboard
  • Free Strategy Tools
  • Goal Strategy & Tracking System
  • PDF Copy of “50 Ways to Make More Money”

Gold Package: $3,000

  • Everything included in the Premium Package PLUS
  • A full year of All-Access Membership with Unlimited Coaching Sessions, email and phone access
  • “How to Make Financial Decisions” Digital Program
  • Free Hard Copy of “50+ Ways to Make More Money”
  • 1 Hour of Financial Education Donated to Those In Need on Your Behalf
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Dedicated, compassionate, genuine, and trustworthy. With a relentless passion for making life easier and sharing knowledge with others.

I am a heart-centered financial professional and wellness advocate promoting financial capability resources that anyone can use to make financial decisions easier.

I am the founder of Priceless Financial Coaching, LLC but before I started with financial coaching, I received a degree in psychology and was a social worker for more than 15 years. My education and career helped me to dig into the core of human behavior. With this insight, I have developed a realistic and simplified approach to finances and have a passion for creating real and lasting changes in people’s lives.

I have been there. Financial struggle is real, and it affects so many people in their day-to-day lives.

Success comes in many shapes and sizes. As a qualified Financial Coach, I am here to help you focus on what success means to you as an individual, and will work with you 1:1 to move forward confidently with your financial goals for now and in the future.

Let’s connect and get started, so I can learn about where you are today, and where you want to be.


"Jen has provided me with profound knowledge and understanding of financial literacy."

"I have witnessed her commitment to helping others gain financial stability and freedom. Jen is supportive in numerous community programs and events, volunteers her time, goes above and beyond, and is highly trustworthy. In interacting with her personally and watching her interact with others, I have seen and felt her great ability to make people feel welcomed and heard. If Jen doesn’t know the answer, she goes and finds it. She is goal-oriented, persistent, and a good steward of financial resources. Jen is a valuable asset to this community and has the inner drive to leave a lasting impact on your life.”

- Brenna Oakleaf

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