Your Personalized Money System

A self-paced, digital course taught by expert financial coach, Jen Nash that will help you eliminate debt, understand budgeting, and thrive financially in just 30 days!

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The Financial Boost Mini-Course

Digital Mini-Course


Personalized Money Planning for Couples

3-Session Coaching Package that includes one call with each partner and one call all together. Jen will build you a personalized report that combines your collective goals, individual freedoms, shared controls, money date conversations and coach suggestions!

Ease The Squeeze Of Inflation Free Two-Part Training

Free Digital Training

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Meet Your Debt Gremlin

1:1 Session

Your personalized debt payoff strategy done in 30 minutes.

Priority-driven Budgeting

1:1 Session

Your personalized budget done in 30 minutes.

Budget, meet my priorities!

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1:1 Personal Money Coaching

Multiple 1:1 Money Coaching Packages Available.

50+ Ways To Make Extra Money Or Keep More Of The Money You Have


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Unlock Your Power


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Employee Wellness

On-Demand Coaching App

Financial Capability Wraparound System

A multi-benefit financial wellness approach provided by expert financial coach, Jen Nash that changes the way the world provides services to persons with intellectual & developmental disabilities in HCBS settings.

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