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"We just went through such a confusing ordeal. We couldn’t have made it through without Jen. She is awesome! Thank you for helping our mom."

"Jen takes the time to research and find resources. We were approved for the copay assistance program! Thank you for helping us find this!"

"This is great information. Working with Jen has definitely been life changing."

"Love how thorough Jen is and that she was able to coach me financially and help me see things I wasn’t able to see before."

"I just made my final car payment today! 6 year loan paid in 2 years exactly! Now on to my house are my blessing!" 

"If anyone out there is struggling with money... seriously, call this girl. She knows how to budget like I've never seen before... when you think you can't afford to pay your bills, she'll find a way for you to pay your bills, and save money on top of it! I've seen it firsthand... times are tough right now, if you need help, here's where to get it!"

"Jen has been incredible. She is super responsive, very intelligent and well versed in the content being provided to our family. She really advocates for us. I appreciate her kind and caring attitude toward our family. I am thankful for her answering my questions always so promptly and thoroughly! She rocks!" 


Client Wins

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Started at $68,380 consumer debt and $205,000 in mortgage in August 2020. Left off at $26,000 consumer debt and $189,000 in mortgage in May 2021. Paid off $42,380 consumer debt and $16,000 in mortgage. Total paid off $58,380 in 9 months, 62% of their consumer debt in 9 months.


Net worth was -$6,930 in September 2020 and $2,538 in January 2021. Started using a budget and tracking expenses. Funded a 2.5 month sinking fund for maternity leave. Confirmed that they are getting the best car & home owner’s insurance rates. Increased their net worth by $9,468 in 4 months.


Net worth was -$23,693 in February 2021 and -$12,137 in October 2021. Increased net worth by $11,556 in 8 months. Paid off car. Customized life insurance needs and lowered premium. Funded a vacation with sinking fund, not debt.


Net worth in June 2020 was $85,859 and in October 2020 it was $119,898. Increased net worth by $34,039 in 4 months. Paid off 2 cars. Budgeting/tracking expenses. Created sinking funds for large expenses.

"I truly enjoyed my financial coaching session with Jen! She listened to my goals/concerns, answered all my questions, and made me feel great about my financial future!"

"Jen is very knowledgeable and very passionate about her content. Thank you! Lots of great information. Thank you for taking the time to help our lives. Absolutely eye opening and so helpful!"


"As a business owner, I have personally utilized Jen for her expertise regarding early retirement, becoming debt free, increasing my net worth and a variety of other financial areas.  About 1.5 years ago, we began to develop a financial plan after identifying my goals.  Jen gave me the confidence and steps I needed to take to be financially successful.  By following the plan, I openly acknowledge that her expertise helped me reach my goals earlier than anticipated.  I have also referred others to her, who have been equally grateful and benefitted from her expertise.
Jen’s character is one of integrity.  She advocates for the disabled, our youth and the importance of financial literacy at all ages.  She is goal-oriented and persistent in ensuring individuals are equipped with the tools and resources to reach their goals.  Jen also has a wide network of partnerships that she utilizes to ensure her clients needs are completely met.
It is a great joy and honor to be associated with Jen.  Her kindness, commitment to individuals, families and community is constant.  Her work ethic and commitment to our community is beyond measure and is often not seen or known by others."

- Melody Ragland


"If you are needing any sort of financial guidance (& even if you don't need the help) reach out to Jen! Her knowledge and tips and resources about becoming financially independent and secure are beyond helpful! I did only 3 sessions with her and she set me on my path to becoming financially successful and debt free. With her tips and guidance, I was able to pay off my car loan 3 YEARS EARLY. Go check out her page Priceless Financial Coaching!!"

"Jen has been by far, the best coach I have had. She has a no-nonsense approach to her advice which I greatly appreciated. Additionally, she did an excellent job of breaking things down to simple terms and gave us several great resources to enhance our knowledge in a bite-sized, approachable manner. I cannot say enough positive things about her customer service and general advice she provided us--we are very grateful to have Jen!"

"I have known Jen for two years. In this time, she has provided me with profound knowledge and understanding of financial literacy. I have witnessed her commitment to helping others gain financial stability and freedom. Jen goes above and beyond, and is highly trustworthy. If Jen doesn’t know the answer, she goes and finds one. She is goal oriented, persistent, and a good steward of financial resources. Jen has the inner drive to leave a lasting impact on your life."

- Brenna Oakleaf


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